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The story so far…

From a mighty young age, I’ve had an innate drive and passion to help others. I would express it all different kinds of innovative and creative ways, never tiring and always looking for more. Being a therapist is one of them!

I absolutely love working with people and am  passionate about helping them align with their true self, to live more, love more, laugh more and thrive. My greatest satisfaction is witnessing my clients transform and connect to their inner calm and authentic selves- living their life the way they were created to live it and becoming the best version of themselves.

After being a primary and high school teacher for a number of years, I went on to train as a hypnobirthing instructor and have helped many women experience beautiful births. My next endeavor was to become a qualified therapist. After experiencing hypnotherapy and NLP for myself, I was determined to share it with others, so that they too can live more, love more and laugh more. This is precisely what I’m doing!

With the use of Hypnotherapy, combined with NLP, some elements of CBT and my experience, I’ve since helped many clients re-connect to their inner resources, calm and clarity, enabling them to move on in life, ‘running on track’ and living with so much more clarity, confidence and inner peace.

I hold universally recognised NCFE and ACCPH qualifications in both Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP. I’ve also trained in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and CBT and continuously seek out workshops and courses to update my skills and learn new techniques which may benefit my clients.

So, if you wold like to re-align with your authentic self or help yourself in any way and experience real, rapid and long- lasting change, feel free to get in touch with me.





Featured Testimonial

“Frieda is an excellent Hypnotherapist who truly believes in her clients. She is warm, gentle, understanding, patient and encouraging. Her professionalism and acceptance helped me feel relaxed and secure throughout the session. She created a safe space for me to really connect with myself in ways I never knew I could.

Using various techniques Frieda helped me link the parts of my past that are stuck in order to integrate me more into the present. This paved the way for a more grounded and productive future.

Confronting and resolving inner conflict, trauma and personal crisis has enabled me to find greater peace. This process releases its constricting hold on me, giving me my life back.

Hypnotherapy for me has been a very powerful experience because it is practical and effective. I highly recommend Frieda, for anyone who is seeking healing and self-development. ”

C.S. London

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"Frieda is a most wonderful and caring therapist. Her techniques have helped me tremendously. I contacted her after struggling for a long time with anxiety over family issues. She's helped me to find a method to anchor my fears and not allow them to stop me from living my life. Her methods have worked wonders and have significantly improved my mental health and my relationship with family. I highly recommend her"

C.M. London

"Before coming to see Frieda, I was full of fear and despair about my upcoming labour and birth. Within a very short time and some invaluable tools, my mindset had changed to that of calm and confidence. I had everything I needed to manage the birth amazingly. This birthing experience was totally incomparable to the previous 4. For a bonus, I’ve now got the tools to use in my everyday life. I’m so grateful!"

M.G. London

"After just the first session with Frieda, I felt like a different person. The tools that she has taught me and the hypnosis that she used has helped me overcome my issue and continue through life so much calmer, happier and looking forward to the future. Thank you, Frieda."

H.L. London


Some of our frequently asked questions

How many sesions will I need ?

Most clients will require between 2-4 sessions. Depending on the issue, some will need as little as 1 session and some may need bit more.

How long is each sesion?

A session last up to 90 mins.

What are your fees ?

90 minute sesions are charged at £150.

What is your cancellation policy ?

We require a minimum of 36 hours notice for cancellations or change to the appointment time.

If we do not receive a minimum of 36 hours notice of a cancellation or re-arrangement, we reserve the right to charge for the appointment in full.

However we do recognise that challenging situations sometimes occur in life and our priority is always to be sensitive to client’s needs. If we can change appointments around to avoid charging, we always will.



For more information or to book an appointment please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


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